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Your Partner in Music Making

Qualified, Conscientious Piano Tuning and Servicing 

 Since 1989

Welcome to Piano Works

Serving the Ottawa Region, from living rooms to concert stages.

At Piano Works, we understand the benefits and the joy that piano playing can bring to your life. Whether you are a student, a teacher, or a concert artist, we are committed to providing the very best in piano servicing. We would love to partner with you on your musical journey.

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About Us

A father and son team of Registered Piano Technicians (RPT) dedicated to improving the piano playing experience of their clients.

Not all pianos are created equal, but all pianos deserve to be performing at their best. With over 35 years experience, and a commitment to continuing education, we take pride in caring for your instrument and bring great passion to our craft.

We service the pianos of over 2000 private clients and take care of the pianos at the University of Ottawa School of Music and the National Arts Centre.

The best way to find a piano servicing professional is to ask the musical community who they like to use. If you do, there's a good chance that the name Piano Works will come up.

A good reputation and referrals from satisfied customers is still the very best form of advertising.


Don Côté RPT 

Don is the passionate, professional craftsman behind Piano Works.  As a life long learner, Don has cultivated a skill set unparalleled by anyone in the region. From tuning pianos in homes to preparing concert pianos for international artists, Don has a wealth of experience with many different makes and models of pianos. You can trust him with your beloved instrument. He is dedicated to improving the piano playing experience of his clients. 


Sam Côté RPT

Sam joined Piano Works in 2018 and completed a full time apprenticeship with his father. He then went on to do his Piano Technicians Guild exams and received his Registered Piano Technician (RPT) status.

Sam is a full time partner in Piano Works and enjoys servicing the pianos of our many clients. 

He intends to carry on the family business when Don retires.


It is a wonderful thing to have someone bring out

the best my piano has to offer.

- Emily Victoria Ann

Don's work is impeccable. He brings amazing

voice and sound to my Steinway.

- Christina Marie Comeau

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